Entra for real estate

Take advantage of a full range of services from which you can assemble your own packaged solution

Entra Solutions supports every component of a well-defined real estate strategy, from acquisition to management and disposition, or sale.

We employ a nationwide network of real estate agents and property maintenance specialists who are joined by advanced information technology. They operate under the direction of an experienced management and operations team that exemplifies service with integrity.

Our mission is to provide you personalized support, financial visibility and transparency and, ultimately, the results you seek.

Guided by your objectives

We manage costs by soliciting multiple preservation bids and using an incentive-based fee structure.

We control timelines using exception reporting, weekly meetings and task-driven management.

Our clients have visibility into the status of their assets using a property disposition system, which contains detailed property information.

We formulate Marketing strategies with liquidation options in mind.

Best execution is encouraged through staff incentive programs