Entra Lender Services

We offer services in support of REO asset management and non-judicial trustee foreclosures.

We support every component of a well-defined real estate strategy, from property acquisition to management and disposition, or sale.

We employ a nationwide network of real estate agents and property maintenance specialists that are connected by advanced information technology. They operate under the direction of an experienced management and operations team that exemplifies service with integrity.

We also offer non-judicial trustee services in Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas.

Our mission is to provide you personalized support, financial visibility and transparency and, ultimately, the results you seek.

We offer the following component services as a part of REO asset management:

  • Securing your property
  • Eviction and relocation assistance
  • Rehabilitation and repair
  • HOA and CC&R compliance
  • Title curative
  • Building code compliance
  • Property management
  • Monthly inspection
  • Market review
  • Market pricing and analysis
  • Listing and selling strategy
  • Closing and settlement
  • Escrow
  • Status reporting and updates
  • Financial reporting
  • Portfolio- and property-level status reporting

Extra Solutions has been structured with the right team, the most modern technology and a hand-picked team of agents and contractors, all dedicated to ensure your assets receive hands-on care and professional marketing support.